Resident: $100.00 per year
Seasonal camp*: $100.00 per year
Business: $300.00 per year
Campground: $400.00 per year

The bill will be due the first month of the year.  A late charge of $25.00 shall be assessed for accounts that are thirty (30) days in the arrears.  Accounts that are sixty (60) days in arrears shall be subject to by suit or summary proceedings brought in the name of the township before any District Magistrate.  All cost involved will be added to these accounts.

*According to our Solid Waste Ordinance:
Section 1: Definition “Camp and/or recreational use and /or seasonal residence”, shall mean each structure, property, or other dwelling used primarily during the summer, or hunting or fishing season, or otherwise, in which permanent residents do not reside on substantially a year-round basis; or otherwise, a property assessed as a camp or seasonal use property in the current Assessment records of Cameron County.

*A camp and/or recreational use and/or seasonal residence does not mean you have to own the property, it can be a non-moveable structure on leased property.